McCabe is a Los Angeles based content creator, writer, and producer. He’s incredible.

He produced three feature films by the age of 25, two of which premiered at SxSW, one of which won the ‘Best Ensemble Cast’ award. At 26, he was recruited by Arnold Worldwide as a Creative Content Producer where he helped guide the successful launch of their new Content Department. He’s been described as “agency Viagra” by those that have been lucky enough to work for him.

In his three years at Arnold, McCabe produced and wrote several successful online campaigns for his clients. But then, just like Jay Z retired from rap, Phil Collins retired from the drums, and Steven Soderbergh retired from star studded heist films, McCabe retired from advertising. He started working for his dad’s real estate development firm to keep the business afloat while cancer kept his dad at home. Over the next two years he successfully completed the financing, permitting, and construction of a $17.5m, 335 unit rehab of a historical building in Western Massachusetts. He is fully qualified to run the free world, believe me.  

This portion of McCabe’s life was a lot like that movie with the dwarves(?) when the Black Knight killed this one guy at the beginning but then that guy’s kid takes up his dad’s dagger(short sword?) and cuts the Black Knight’s fingers off and then takes this gold bracelet that the Black Knight was wearing. Then there’s this pretty funny part where some other guy wants him to throw the bracelet into hot lava(was it set in Pompeii?) and the bracelet guy is like “I don’t think so buddy” and makes it into a necklace instead, which I thought was a pretty simple but creative twist. I don’t remember what the movie was called, but that part of his life was kind of like that part of that movie. Ring Wars?

After his father's passing and the completion of his last project, McCabe moved back to LA to follow his passion for storytelling. That sad but uplifting Neil Young song starts to play, you know the one.

McCabe specializes in creating engaging content across all media platforms. Highly experienced in print, digital, and broadcast production, he is most comfortable writing scripts and then producing the bejesus out of them. His writing has reached thousands(millions?!?) through radio, broadcast, and social media outlets. His past clients include: Jack Daniels, New Balance, Google, Toyota, Santander Bank, and Carnival Cruise Lines.

McCabe currently works as a Senior Copywriter for the NIH’s All of Us Research Program at Wondros. What he does in his free time is none of your business--keep walking, pal.

At this point, you’re probably saying to yourself: “Wow, I need to hire this guy!”

Yeah, you do and you should. You really should.

You probably won’t need references, but if you do: that’s your prerogative.